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Interviewing the Vendor of Houston, TX Wedding Videography Service

How to Interview a Wedding Videographer

When you are going for an interview with the vendors of wedding videography in Houston, TX, it will be awkward at first because you are still sizing up the personality of the people you are talking to. However, it is no reason for you not to be prepared with your questions. As much as possible, you should go to the interview prepared. Listing down your questions ahead of time will be of big help.

photographerMain business and its longevity

This type of service has no second takes. According to experts, this is a run and gun situation so there is the need to do it right for the first time. The moments of the couple should be shot as they are to look natural. You cannot tell them to do the scene again because you missed it the first time. Business longevity is equal to experience, so make sure that you are dealing with a provider that has rich in experience, same in looking for hairdresser for your wedding. At the least, the provider should be around the market for at least five years.

Number of crew for the shoot

Number is important. The higher the crew member is the better. The last thing you want is hiring a videography service that will only provide one videographer. If you want to have wonderful shots in different angles, the team should have at least three videographers.

Good feedback from previous clients

Ask the provider if they have worked with different clients before. If they are willing to share their list of clients then it means that they have nothing to hide. Before hiring a certain provider, read reviews of past customers ahead of time. There is no provider that has perfect reviews. However, if the provider has bad reviews in general then you should consider other videographers.

Production style

The shooting approach of the videographer is really essential. Every couple has a requirement when it comes to the approach or style. If you have the penchant with videos that are cinematic then you should pick a provider who is expert in this type of approach You can pick vintage, documentary and other approaches depending on your preference. Moreover, you should always check the post production process of the studio. It is always good to see videos that are well edited because they convey deeper story more.

The service of wedding videography in Houston, TX is as complicated as photography service. However, hiring this type of service should undergo a very keen process to make sure that you are indeed working with an excellent team of videographers. The last thing you want is working with amateurs with terrible output. 

Pixel Studio Productions
2403 Sunset Blvd,
Houston, TX 77005
(832) 767-1543

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What is Inside a Party Bus in Houston, TX – Considerations before Renting for Weddings

Renting a Party Bus for a Wedding

How do you want to arrive at your wedding venue? Do you want everyone’s attention or in style? There are dozens of transportation options for you, and you can honestly choose any because it is your wedding. However, you need to consider certain things before you pick a transportation for your wedding ride. For instance, you have a beach wedding. The ceremony venue is by the beach and your bridal suite is just a few meters away. Would you think of renting a limousine to arrive in style at the ceremony?

One of the trends today for wedding transportation is the party bus. It is popular because of the ample space it offers when you want everyone in your bridal party or the groomsmen to ride with you. The size of the party bus can depend according to the number of guests you would like to join you. When you are looking for a party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX for the first time, you should consider the important things first to avoid any hassle on the day of the wedding.

Understand what is described as a party bus. It is a large vehicle, originally a bus, minibus or van converted and designed for recreation. As mentioned earlier, the party bus has a capacity to carry 10 to 50 passengers. When you rent a party bus from a car rental company or party bus company, it comes with a designated driver or professional chauffeur. The driver must be professional, licensed and insured to guarantee the safety of the passengers.

The top most reason why the party buses are popular is because of the amenities equipped inside. Hence the name party bus, you are being transported but it has a vibe of a bar or disco club. There are sound systems, disco and strobe lights, party pole, and luxurious seats. Other party buses even have bathrooms and restrooms, and televisions. Of course, the more amenities the bus has, the pricier it can get.

You have to understand as well that while you are enjoying and partying inside the bus on your way to the wedding venue, the party bus will get attention from the public. If that’s one of the things you don’t mind about, then a party bus is for you.

Most companies of party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX allow alcohol inside, as long as everyone in the guest list is of legal age. In case you want to add wedding decorations inside the party bus, you need to ask permission from the bus company. Although they allow decorations, the laser and strobe lights inside should be colorful enough.

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Learn How to Hire a Professional to do Your Wedding Headshots in Houston, TX

Learn Which Professional You Can Hire for Taking Good Headshots

photographer7Houston, TX wedding headshots are the absolute most vital showcasing device for an on-screen character, and it’s stunning what number of individuals treat it terribly just to compromise. On-screen characters, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider it more important.

Take after these considerations with regards to your headshots:

Go expert. Spend the cash. It’s justified, despite all the trouble. Go to an expert, who is prepared, comprehends lighting, and takes headshots professionally, not some companion who happens to have a tolerable camera who sorta knows somewhat about photography. Save those photos for Instagram, and leave the headshots to the masters. Anything less is only a celebrated visa photograph. On the off chance that the headshots look shabby, they most likely are. Furthermore, you seem as though you couldn’t care less about your profession.

It’s about the eyes. Much the same as with on-camera acting, it’s about the eyes, and what’s occurring behind them. It’s your close-up, your minute. Your eyes ought to be impeccably in focus, alive, and empowered, and not dead and coated over. There ought to be solid internal musings, inferring a back-story and an existence behind the eyes. A slight squint, and solid puncturing eyes will breathe life into a photo and help it emerge in a heap of hundreds. A decent headshot picture taker knows how to get this out you.

Go for identity over fabulousness. Chill with the artificially glamorizing. Throwing executives anticipate that you will look simply like your headshot, and won’t be cheerful when you appear looking very surprising, or 10 years more seasoned. It’s not about looking lovely, it’s about speaking to your sort, age wrinkles included. It ought to appear as though you on your greatest day, demonstrating your age, and who you are presently. It’s not about the sort you need to be, it’s the sort you are.

Pay consideration on surrounding, lighting, and foundation. As a rule, great wedding headshots in Houston, TX are mid-section up with great lighting all over, and no solid emotional shadows. Three-quarter shots are useful for print, and amazing close-ups are useful for, well, nothing. Look straightforwardly into camera, and the attention ought to be on the focal point of your eyes, not your left ear, or your shirt neckline. Make certain the foundation is obscured, which means it’s shot with a decent, amazing camera with a high-profundity of field, which makes you emerge. Before you go to your photography session, make sure that you have a proper outfit and hairdresser.

Pixel Studio Productions
2403 Sunset Blvd,
Houston, TX 77005
(832) 767-1543

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How to Find a Studio in Houston, TX Where You Can Learn a Really Good Wedding Dance Routine

Knowing which Dance Studio to Get Your Wedding Dance Classes

wedding-dance-school2Want to give a really good wedding dance number but don’t know how to dance? Well, the best solution for you would be to go to a dance studio where you can learn from a professional dance teacher. Yes, if you go to a dance school you will finally get to remedy that two left feet of yours and prove that anybody can do at least a few good dance moves. The best chance for you to show what you’ve got is to do it on your wedding day. If you have already marked a check on your dedication to learn, then the next move for you would be to find a good dance studio where you can learn a really good dance routine for your wedding event.

To begin, it would be best if you go for what’s recommended to you first. If you know someone who has been to a dance school then don’t miss the chance of asking him or her about his experience. Betting on recommendations first will enable you to know the personal insights of the people whose opinions you trust. Second thing to do is to get in contact with the dance studio and if you can, pay a personal visit.

Why is it important that you see the studio in person before getting enrolled? For sure, you would want to know what kind of environment the school has for the students. You get to see the facilities and observe ongoing classes. If you can see yourself being one of the students having fun learning to dance, then this dance school might be the one for you. In addition to that, you can also talk to the dance teachers around. It is better to get comfortable with them even before the lessons starts.

If none of what’s recommended appealed to you that much as your ideal wedding dance studio in Houston, TX, then you can widen your search. Go to the nearest dance studios you have not visited yet. Might as well do online research for other dance studios that you can choose from. Many schools are now also visible online through business websites and local directory websites.

Know everything you can learn about the school from its history, the credentials of the staff and dance teachers, dance classes it offers, and its location. Get in contact with them if you can for your inquiries. If you were not encouraged by the staff of the school to visit them in the studio, this means that they are probably hiding something from you. You better move on to your next wedding dance studio in Houston, TX option.

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Things You Should Know When Starting a Wedding Business Selling Cupcakes in Houston, TX

Starting a Successful Cupcake Business

cupcakes1Who doesn’t love a decent cupcake? With the always developing notoriety of this sweet treat, it might appear like offering cupcakes would be easy. While beginning a cupcake-focused pastry shop could be a beneficial endeavor, you require more than extraordinary preparing abilities to find success with it. You’ll likewise require start-up capital, some business know-how and an arrangement. Here are some tips to properly start selling cupcakes for a wedding in Houston, TX.

Step 1

Compose a marketable strategy. By composing everything out, you’ll have a superior mental picture of what you need to finish and how to arrive. A decent marketable strategy starts with a statement of purpose specifying the reason for the business. It ought to incorporate a depiction of the business; thought of promoting, faculty and working methodology; itemized money related information including advance applications, monetary records, an equal the initial investment investigation and a three-year outline; and supporting archives, for example, assessment forms and individual budgetary proclamations for all business accomplices, articulations with respect to the proposed business area and duplicates of vital licenses and other authoritative reports. It is somehow similar if you are planning to open a wedding hair salon.

Step 2

Line up your monetary data. Take the data you accumulated for your strategy for success and choose how much cash you should begin. Begin with your own particular reserve funds and consider asking relatives and companions to contribute. At that point see which advances and gives are accessible to you. A few states and groups offer allows, or coordinating assets, for entrepreneurs; you may likewise have the capacity to get a low-intrigue advance.

Step 3

Discover an area. You might have the capacity to prepare and offer your cupcakes right from home. Numerous individuals have discovered accomplishment by working a virtual business, killing the cost of leasing or purchasing a shop. Know about controls with respect to kitchens utilized for business purposes. In the event that you need a block and-mortar pastry kitchen, consider which area will draw the most clients and backing the best costs.

Step 4

Buy your hardware and supplies. You’ll require a great convection broiler, racks and heating sheets, blenders, work tables, sinks, designing apparatuses, dish, utensils and bundling materials. On the off chance that you plan to prepare breads additionally, you’ll require a proof box where your batter can rise.

Step 5

Start advertising cupcakes for a wedding in Houston, TX. Use different means of advertisements from radio ads to online marketing.

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Why You Should Not Have a Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, TX?

Downsides of Having a Crawfish Catering

184Everyone knows the importance of wedding catering in every nuptial aside from your hair and make up. It needs to have fresh and delicious food for everyone in the reception area. It needs to be as special as your wedding vows. If you are opting to have a crawfish wedding catering in your Houston, TX event, you might need to think twice before getting on with it. There are possible downsides that this kind of catering has. It is not recommended to have this type of wedding catering for your big day. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons of possible disadvantages about crawfish wedding catering:


You don’t want to have a ruined wedding, right? You might have some outbreak of people who are choking, swelling or can hardly breathe because of what they had eaten. Crawfish food is a type of seafood that can awaken allergens in someone’s body (especially your guests who has sensitive ones). It can also be a very scary thing to have someone at your wedding having an allergy attack because allergies can really kill people. So if you don’t want those smiling faces turn into shocked and scared faces, you might want to consider having a different menu on your list.

Food Poisoning

The next thing that makes crawfish catering a risky type of food for your big day is that, it can bring food poisoning. You must be very careful when you choose this kind of catering for your wedding day because if it is not cooked right, it will eventually give you all stomach ache. Plus, it also can cause diarrhoea and puking. Therefore, you need to seek treatment immediately and your wedding day will be not-so-happy-ending after all. If you don’t want some of these to happen in your wedding day, you might need to avoid the crawfish wedding catering idea, click here.

Super Messy Meal

Ah, you bought an expensive wedding gown, a long shimmering veil and putting a really pretty makeup and for what? Having a crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX means you are going to have a messy reception food treat for everyone. It can be fun but, it can also be super messy. Some bride would not want their wedding dresses getting ruined on the big day. Remember, food spills can really mess up your entire look and it can ruin your day. If you want to avoid this, you must consider to a more formal wedding catering type.

BB’s Cafe
2710 Montrose Blvd #A,
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-4499

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Plan Your Cajun Food Catering in Houston, TX That Will Suit Your Wedding Budget

Affordable Cajun Food for Your Wedding Catering

198Organizing a Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX is not always exciting since there are a lot of things that you need to consider which can make the task tedious. You need to think about the kind of wedding that you will have; the number of guests who will attend your wedding and of course, your budget. Your wedding catering will take a huge chunk of money on your budget  aside from your hair and make up, so you need to plan it carefully.

The following are the things that you need to consider for your Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX:

  •         Time of the reception
  •         If you have evening guests, you need to consider an evening buffet.
  •         If you are planning to have an evening buffet and a wedding breakfast, there is no need for you to cater for all of your guests. Take note that seventy percent of your total guest is the common figure that you need to cater for.
  •         Are you planning to have a formal service meal or an informal buffet?
  •         How long should your guests wait until the meal is served? If you are having your wedding at two in the afternoon, there is a chance that they may not have the time to have lunch most especially if they live far away from your wedding venue. You need to consider serving some appetizers of light snacks as soon as they arrive to the reception venue.
  •         Take note about special dietary requests, allergies, and vegetarians and so on.
  •         Are there any children who will be attending your wedding? If so, you need to put some savoury snacks that they will love such as raisins, fruits, etc.
  •         Consider the location of your reception. Are you going to have it indoors, at a garden or at the beach?

You also need to consider choosing the right caterers for your Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX. You need to set a budget and make sure that you stick on it. Mostly, the caterers will quote you on a pr head basis. They will also provide you with a set of menus that you can choose from. If you are on a tight budget, they also provide packages and discounts that you can avail. You can look around and ask your friends and family members for some recommendations, click for more info.

It is best that you check out as many caterers as you can so that you can be able to compare the services, rates and background that they have so that you can be able to find the one that will suit your needs and budget as well.

BB’s Cafe
6154 Westheimer Rd,
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 339-2566

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Purchasing Wedding Dresses in Charlotte, NC on a Tight Budget

Stunning Wedding Dresses at an Affordable Price

237Choosing from a wide array of wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC is an exciting yet tedious task that you need to do. This can be a challenging task when you have a limited budget. You need to find ways so that you can be able to find the dress that you want without having to spend a lot of money. The following are some tips that will help you get the best deals from wedding dress shops in your area:

You need to do some research most especially since there are available wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC that you can buy at great discounts. You can also avail wonderful discounts by attending a Bridal Show in your area. These are the gowns that are worn by the models or from last year’s collection.

In addition, you can take a look at the designer dresses at your local bridal shops that are from the prior year’s collection. These wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC are considered to be discounted. The dresses are being replaced by the new collection but the gowns are new or never worn. You can also be able to find a dress that was already altered for a bride. If the dress is within your taste and style, it will be sold to you at a reasonable price. You can also ask of the dress can be affordably altered in order to suit your body type. They also have tailors that you can hire.

You can also look online. There are a lot of shops that sells wedding dresses at a fraction of a cost. Bear in mind that you will not get the alterations and fittings like that of a traditional bridal shop but the styles that are provided vary in size so that it will fit all kinds of body shape. As long as the dress fits, you can be able to hire your local tailor for alterations.

You can also try second hand shops. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, you can be able to find stunning and dresses that are made by a famous designer at an affordable price. The dresses that are being sold at a second hand shop are mostly only worn once. You can find dresses in various styles, color and design so you can rest assured that you will be able to find the one that will suit the kind of wedding that you will have.

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How to Start a Houston Bridal Shop Business

Wedding Boutique Business

359One way to combine your love for fashion with your love for weddings is to open a bridal shop in Houston, TX business. Your passion for these two industries can be a foundation for building a successful business, but there is some planning involved to ensure your bridal shop is prosperous and profitable.

Step 1

Name the bridal shop. Pick a name for the bridal shop that reflects your business location. For instance, a bridal shop in Houston, TX opening on Houston might choose the name “Houston Texas Bridal.” Generalize or identify a specialty. Decide if you want to specialize in a specific name brand or style of wedding dresses, such as a specific designer or high-end luxury gowns, or if you want to carry a variety of different gowns. Also, decide if you want to stock bridal accessories, too.

Step 2

Register the business with the county and state. Contact the secretary of state to register your bridal shop with the state. Contact the city hall business license department or county clerk’s office to register the business with the county and city where it will operate.

Step 3

Set up accounts with dress suppliers. Contact the dress manufacturers, designers and suppliers. Set up credit accounts or wholesale accounts with each one, so that you can purchase the dresses at wholesale prices and then resell at retail prices.

Step 4

Write a business plan that includes a marketing plan. Write a business and marketing plan for the bridal shop, including where you intend to operate the shop, business hours, goals and objectives and your marketing plans for reaching your intended customers.

Step 5

Set up the store. When you arrange your store, place dresses on rolling dress carts or on closet rods installed along the perimeter of the store. Add couches and chairs for the friends and family members of the bride to sit in while the bride tries on dresses. Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors at different angles so the bride can get a full view of herself in a dress. Include a dressing area that is closed off from the main portion of the shop.

Step 6

Identify and meet with strategic partners. Make a list of referral sources you can use as strategic partners for your new business, including wedding vendors such as wedding planners, photographers, florists, wedding hairstylist and DJs. Contact these referral sources to discuss ways you can work together to refer business to each other.

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