Renting a Party Bus for a Wedding

How do you want to arrive at your wedding venue? Do you want everyone’s attention or in style? There are dozens of transportation options for you, and you can honestly choose any because it is your wedding. However, you need to consider certain things before you pick a transportation for your wedding ride. For instance, you have a beach wedding. The ceremony venue is by the beach and your bridal suite is just a few meters away. Would you think of renting a limousine to arrive in style at the ceremony?

One of the trends today for wedding transportation is the party bus. It is popular because of the ample space it offers when you want everyone in your bridal party or the groomsmen to ride with you. The size of the party bus can depend according to the number of guests you would like to join you. When you are looking for a party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX for the first time, you should consider the important things first to avoid any hassle on the day of the wedding.

Understand what is described as a party bus. It is a large vehicle, originally a bus, minibus or van converted and designed for recreation. As mentioned earlier, the party bus has a capacity to carry 10 to 50 passengers. When you rent a party bus from a car rental company or party bus company, it comes with a designated driver or professional chauffeur. The driver must be professional, licensed and insured to guarantee the safety of the passengers.

The top most reason why the party buses are popular is because of the amenities equipped inside. Hence the name party bus, you are being transported but it has a vibe of a bar or disco club. There are sound systems, disco and strobe lights, party pole, and luxurious seats. Other party buses even have bathrooms and restrooms, and televisions. Of course, the more amenities the bus has, the pricier it can get.

You have to understand as well that while you are enjoying and partying inside the bus on your way to the wedding venue, the party bus will get attention from the public. If that’s one of the things you don’t mind about, then a party bus is for you.

Most companies of party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX allow alcohol inside, as long as everyone in the guest list is of legal age. In case you want to add wedding decorations inside the party bus, you need to ask permission from the bus company. Although they allow decorations, the laser and strobe lights inside should be colorful enough.

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