Downsides of Having a Crawfish Catering

184Everyone knows the importance of wedding catering in every nuptial aside from your hair and make up. It needs to have fresh and delicious food for everyone in the reception area. It needs to be as special as your wedding vows. If you are opting to have a crawfish wedding catering in your Houston, TX event, you might need to think twice before getting on with it. There are possible downsides that this kind of catering has. It is not recommended to have this type of wedding catering for your big day. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons of possible disadvantages about crawfish wedding catering:


You don’t want to have a ruined wedding, right? You might have some outbreak of people who are choking, swelling or can hardly breathe because of what they had eaten. Crawfish food is a type of seafood that can awaken allergens in someone’s body (especially your guests who has sensitive ones). It can also be a very scary thing to have someone at your wedding having an allergy attack because allergies can really kill people. So if you don’t want those smiling faces turn into shocked and scared faces, you might want to consider having a different menu on your list.

Food Poisoning

The next thing that makes crawfish catering a risky type of food for your big day is that, it can bring food poisoning. You must be very careful when you choose this kind of catering for your wedding day because if it is not cooked right, it will eventually give you all stomach ache. Plus, it also can cause diarrhoea and puking. Therefore, you need to seek treatment immediately and your wedding day will be not-so-happy-ending after all. If you don’t want some of these to happen in your wedding day, you might need to avoid the crawfish wedding catering idea, click here.

Super Messy Meal

Ah, you bought an expensive wedding gown, a long shimmering veil and putting a really pretty makeup and for what? Having a crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX means you are going to have a messy reception food treat for everyone. It can be fun but, it can also be super messy. Some bride would not want their wedding dresses getting ruined on the big day. Remember, food spills can really mess up your entire look and it can ruin your day. If you want to avoid this, you must consider to a more formal wedding catering type.

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